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(Last update: april 8th 2006)

TuxGuardian is a host firewall for GNU/Linux.

TuxGuardian was developed after the observation that Linux security applications were not tailored for lay users. With TuxGuardian you'll be able to implement access control policies to the network resources in order to identify and control every application that tries to access the network.

All this means that now you can make your machine secure by controlling and forbidding transmission and reception of data by unauthorized applications. Click here for a screenshot.

TuxGuardian makes use of the latest security mechanisms included in the Linux kernel 2.6, such as the LSM framework, and is really simple to use (that's the intention!).

TuxGuardian is free software distributed under the GNU GPL, which means that you can help too!.


In what situations should I use TuxGuardian?

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TuxGuardian is distributed under the terms of the GPL.

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