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TuxGuardian still lacks a decent installer and initialization/shutdown scripts.
If you want to contribute, please contact me.

TuxGuardian 0.5 is the latest stable version. (Last update: april 8th 2006)

For help on installing and using the program, see Documentation.
You can also visit TuxGuardian's home at Sourceforge or Freshmeat.


Your system must have at least:

  • Linux kernel version 2.6.12 or higher
  • QT version 3.1 or higher (only if you're going to use TuxGuardian's graphical interface)
and you'll also need the following packages (names may differ from distro to distro):
  • kernel-source
  • kernel-headers
  • qt3-dev-tools
  • libqt3-headers
  • libqt3-mt-dev
  • gcc4 (depending on your system)

TuxGuardian and all the contents on this page are copyright 2004 Bruno Castro da Silva
TuxGuardian is distributed under the terms of the GPL.

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